O.M.M.A. PACK technically borns from the tobacco world, and umbilical cord never cut. Throughout all these years O.M.M.A. PACK has been collaborating with tobacco leading companies assembling mechanical groups, partially reconditioning or totally reengineering machines, ready to operate machine mounting and giving technical support. O.M.M.A. PACK gained a great experience in cigarette filter handling and created a range of dynamic lungs suitable for transportation, handling and storage of cigarette filters. This product line is FLEXAL. Many of our Flexal machines are installed in tobacco factories, working continuously, proving to have a very high reliability level.


Filter Rod Feeding, conveying and stoking systems

Flexal Units can be lined up with filter tippers, cigarette or filter makers. Flexal have three possible configurations:
FLEXAL BUFFER - Unit for loading distribution and storage of filter rods
FLEXAL FIFO B1 - B3 - Features similar to the standard model, but filter handling is F.I.F.O. type (first in – first out)
FLEXAL FIFO G - Unit exploitable as filter rod loader-feeder for cigarette maker machines

flexal BUFFER


Prod. Speed: From 20 to 45 packs/min.
Size change: 30min. all the 3 dimensions change, only one operator .
Power installed: from 3Kw to 6Kw
Working pressure: 5,5 bar
Operating cons.air: from 12 to 6 m³h
Core reel: 70 - 80 mm
Film: Polyethylene and polypropylene from 25 to 50 micron
Noise level: 70
Length: 3050mm
Width: 1000mm
Height: 1900mm
Std. feeding group length: 2400mm