Tissue products

...from 2004

O.M.M.A. PACK for more than a decade joined the tissue sector, producing wrapping machines with “entry level” technical characteristics and performances. Over the years we have brought about constant technical improvements: today we count on a technical office, attending exclusively to the tissue sector.

O.M.M.A. PACK can supply several wrapping machine types, achieving production speed from 20/25 to 120 packs per minute. The products wrapped can be napkins, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, interfolded items, etc. The features that characterize our machines are the compactness, the innovative solutions we equip them with and the great attention to investment and operation costs.

In recent years we sold the 95% of our wrapping machines abroad, in far distant countries, such as Siberia, Australia, New Zealand, etc., thus demonstrating that distance is not a problem for us.

Automatic Wrapping Machines


Today O.M.M.A.PACK, after the investments and the technical tests made, can provide a broad spectrum of wrapping machines with different performances.

The “IWRAP” line, suitable for medium-low productions, sticks out for its technical features, such as versatility, ease-of-use and compactness (speed range from 20 to 45 packs/min.) and the RDX line, suitable for medium-high productions (from 50 to 120 packs/min.).

End of line

Optimisation of the processing linee

In order to make the line as dynamic and lean as possible we developed automatic end of line systems, having those technical solutions that always have distinguished our projects, such as compactness, versatility and containment of costs.

We designed a pneumatic automatic packaging machine to be perfectly interfaced with our IWRAP wrapping machines also suitable for reduced production areas.

Technology - Stepper

Why do we make use of stepper motors?

Because our project engineers reached a great experience on this kind of technology applied to wrappers in tobacco field, where performances, reliability and packaging are required to be high. This technology, supported by an expressly designed and sized mechanics, grants high reliability, strength and consequently:
1. Cam elimination
2. Compact machine dimensions without sturdiness loss
3. The motor works as a circuit breaker in case of stiffness or stumbling blocks and immediately the torque becomes null, guaranteeing long-lasting mechanical integrity to components.
4. The stepper motor has the best torque/inertia rate and the same life of its bearings.