IPACK is featured to be an extremely compact semi-automatic packing machine, perfect as end-of-line unit, suitable for reduced production areas. The layout versatility allows customers to choose the configuration more suitable to logistics requirements. Designed to be simply and intuitive to use, grants fast size changes and ensures reliability, long life and low operating costs. Stacking movements are all pneumatic. The control panel is designed to be complete and user-friendly. Buttons and a touch screen allow to enter edit and delete formats, to operate on piled up items and layers, check the machine status and modify parameters.


The operator must open and manually load cartons on the feeder, automatically the machine receives, positions, piles up and drives the parcel through the feeding conveyor into the carton. At the cycle end, the filled-in carton is unloaded automatically. The unloading phase does not stop the working cycle, since the machine is equipped with a store room containing a layer.


The customer may choose the machine configuration more suitable to the working area isle space and logistics. The feeding conveyor may have different dimensions; parcel displacement unit at 90°, compactor unit, entry right or left, loading and unloading area can be located at 0°, 90° or 180° from entry, control panel placeable in the most convenient position for the operator.


IWRAP E IPACK Were designed to be a single machine. Unwrapped products are accepted resulting in filled-up cartons.
- The entire Line no more than 5 meters long
- The operator must load the empty and close the filled-in cartons (from 1 to 3 per min.) and can check all production phases, intervening in time if necessary
- The working isle can be controlled by only one operator reducing machine downtime
- The machine line can be shaped to optimize space and human movements