IWRAP XL - XL+ Wrapping Machine

Wrapping machine versatile for large or extra large tissue products.

IWRAP XL is a wrapping machine conceived to wrap large or extra large tissue, airlaid, T.N.T. products etc., able to realize packaging of many pre wrapped items.

IWRAP XL is a very compact machine considering the dimensions of the products that can wrap.

Two possibilities of feeding groups, the standard one, equipped with pushers driven by chains and one equipped with conveyor belt and pneumatic insertion of parcel, suitable for large and/or heavy products.

rd 70 Wrapping machine - max. production speed 20 cyc/min. The linear movements are pneumatic and motorized by stepper motors. Size-formats are pre-assembled and provided with quick release devices, knobs and guides; they have been optimized to perform a complete format change (3 dimensions) in 60 minutes.


Wrapping machine of enlarged dimensions for tissue products, able to wrap products up to pacchi di 600mm in lenght. Performances and technical features similar to the standard IWRAP XL.

Standard configurations

Configuration with pneumatic loader

Optional groups

Type of products

Interfolded items
Multi packs
Toilet paper rolls

Pre-packed or not pre-packed multi-pack wrapping.

multi pacchi

Interleaved pre-packed or not
pre-packed multi-pack wrapping


Airlaid towels and handtowels


Types of openings

Wrapping material

The film to be used is Polypropylene, Polyethylene or derived, from 25micron (it has been tested on rigid parcels such as cartons of cigrettes) to 35 micron thick
IWRAP machine